Direction for This Week

I enjoyed how my 7/27/2013 post set a direction for last week. I’d like to make another post like that for the coming week. So here are some topics I’d like myself to research:

  1. Building basic data structures in Ruby. This is one item from last week that I didn’t get to. Re-reading it, I think that this is still something I’d like to re-learn.

    I’ll be more specific with my goal this time: read through the OpenStruct source and the RubyTree source enough to understand how the two core data structures are created.

  2. Review sorts. It’s been a while since I learned about these in college, but they came up in conversation with a developer friend, and I really can’t remember how any of the sorts work or which ones are faster. I probably should’ve done this before my interviews, but I can’t change the past.

    For now, I think I’d be satisfied with reviewing 3 sorts, writing about them, and implementing 1.

  3. A pattern from Gang of Four (AKA Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software). I bought this book earlier in my 2013 job search and I’ve picked it up a few times. I’d like to consume the book faster, so I might be more engaged to do that if I pick one chapter to read and then write about it.

  4. How to create a closure in Javascript and why it’d be useful.

    This one is sort of an afterthought, so I may not get to it. It’s been on my plate for a while, though, so I’m giving myself some options on what developer skills to spend time improving upon.