Setting up a blog on S3 with a Namecheap domain

Today, I set up my first domain: It’s a little crazy to me that I’ve been working in web development for several years and yet this is the first time I’ve done this. I’m a bit humbled to see just how diverse the technical responsibilities for this field can be.

I bought the domain a few days ago on Namecheap. They were the cheapest of several registrars. I didn’t bother checking GoDaddy because of their past support of SOPA and PIPA. They pulled support after boycotts, but that didn’t erase my impression of them.

Back to Namecheap, the experience was largely a positive one. The purchase went smoothly. They were one of the few sites to offer domains on the .io suffix, though they offer restricted ability to change information for said domain. I would have liked to set up a P.O. mailing address–which is still possible, but may require snail mail to update the registration info.

It wasn’t too painful with the help of a couple of resources:

I won’t try to recap too much of their blog posts, since they were great standalone. If you’re trying to do this, I suggest reading the above posts. I’ll just add a few of my observations.

Namecheap DNS or Route53?

Static Site Setup

Other observations: