Blog upgrade pains. Do I still want to maintain my own blog?

I had a couple of outstanding Dependabot PRs for this repo for months, if not longer. I finally resolved the last one this weekend.

Here’s a glimpse at what that looked like, and some thoughts on the big picture.

Screenshot of tabs

This is what my tabs looked like after I was done. This is after judicious tab pruning.

Highs and lows of this whole experience

This all made me wonder: do I still want to maintain my own blog?



My answer: Yes. Yes I do want to maintain my own blog. It’s a learning resource, a piece of technology that I fully own, and that gives me a perspective to reason about technology with.

I definitely will consider other blogging engines, though. At the top of my mind are Hugo and possibly Ghost. I’ll research those another time, perhaps. Maybe I’ll see how long I can limp along on these tools.

Footnote: This post is going through fewer edit cycles than I would have given to past blog posts. This might be a jumble of thoughts, but I’ll leave that to my later self and other readers to judge. I just got through a few days of debugging blog code to get to the point where I could write this. (Ok technically I could’ve ignored the Dependabot PR, but that feels like a liability as well. This blog is produced via a static site generator, so there’s little to no risk of getting hacked. However, my dev setup might have suddenly stopped working one day.)